Monday, October 23, 2006

Jane Wyatt, R. I. P.

She'll always be Margaret Anderson to people my age. Photo is of her and Robert Young from Father Knows Best.

The Seattle Times: Arts & Entertainment: Stage, screen star Jane Wyatt, 96: "HOLLYWOOD — Jane Wyatt, a three-time Emmy Award-winner for her portrayal of the patient and understanding housewife and mother on the classic 1950s family situation comedy 'Father Knows Best,' has died. She was 96.

Ms. Wyatt, whose acting career spanned stage, screen and television over seven decades, died Friday in her sleep at her Los Angeles home, her grandson Nicholas Ward said.

A Broadway veteran who made her screen debut in 1934, Ms. Wyatt appeared in more than 30 movies as both a leading and supporting player, including 'None But the Lonely Heart' with Cary Grant and 'Gentleman's Agreement' with Gregory Peck.

Her most memorable screen role was the ethereal Shangri-la beauty who enchants Ronald Colman in the 1937 Frank Capra film 'Lost Horizon.'"

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Flip Dixon said...

Don't forget...she was Spock's mom on Star Trek too.