Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Little Brown Shack Out Back

Man hopes inaugural outhouse festival becomes yearly tradition: "Convinced people seem to be forgetting about the rustic repositories where in darker days folks used corncobs in place of toilet paper, [Ollie] Schaefer is planning one big ode to the commode. He's hoping like-minded folks and the curious come to this town of some 7,000, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of St. Louis, this weekend for the inaugural 'Outhouse Festival and Auction.'

'We feel it's got potential,' he says of the festival that he wants to make a yearly tradition on the 57 acres (23 hectares) that includes the American Farm Heritage Museum, a menagerie of yesteryear's farm equipment. 'We're gonna give it a shot next year, no matter what.'"


Anonymous said...

I've heard of these guys! They want to preserve all of those ancient outhouses -- The Birch John Society, right?

Bill said...

Hey, that's from an old Kingston Trio routine, right?