Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Comforting to Know . . .

. . . that the British spend their tax dollars as wisely as we do.

Telegraph | News | Year-long probe to find council heckler: "It has taken more than 12 months and cost about 10,000 pounds, but a council is finally on the verge of discovering the identity of a man who kept saying 'baa' during a planning meeting.

After a wide-ranging investigation, Havering council, based in Romford, Essex, has prepared a 300-page report, according to the Romford Recorder newspaper.

Unfortunately, the downside is that the prime suspect is no longer a councillor and is, therefore, beyond the scope of any punishment that it might want to mete out.

The incident has it roots in a planning meeting in September last year when an application was being heard to put a mobile home on a farm housing rare breeds of horses and sheep.

The solemnity of the debate was, apparently, interrupted by a male councillor making unhelpful 'baa-ing' noises."

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