Friday, September 01, 2006

Even Homer Nods

The Sun Online - News: JK has lost the plot: "JK ROWLING has been forced to correct a plot blunder in a Harry Potter book — after fans spotted it.

The author credits Hermione Granger with 11 top exam results in the first hardback edition of book six, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

But in book five — Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix — we are told she takes TEN examinations.

Publishers Bloomsbury have corrected the paperback edition to give Hermione nine “outstanding” and one “exceeds expectations” in her Ordinary Wizarding Levels."


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I saw a place in book 2 where she was called Miss Grant. Do I win a prize for that?

Bill said...

I think you should call up Ms. Rowling and ask.

Benjamin Potter said...

I guess this is the reason to read more of the books, to find the discrepencies. I stopped after the third one because after #1 I couldn't find anything really new.

ACHUKA said...

thanks, Bill - I'd missed that ;)