Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Paris Hilton Day

There's a short video at the link. Thanks to John Duke for the tip.

Happy Paris Hilton Day - "Sin City just got a little more sinful.

Yesterday the Mayor of Las Vegas proclaimed August 29,2006 Paris Hilton Day and gave the budding popstar the key to the city. News of the impending apocalypse to follow.

Comedian Jeff Beacher introduced the heiress in front of a packed crowd at a Vegas block party.

Hilton proclaimed her love for Vegas saying it's her 'favorite place in the world to come to party.' Considering her good time girl reputation, that's a huge compliment."


Lonnie Cruse said...

Wow, you were up and posting early this morning, Bill! As for Vegas, it was in pretty good shape BEFORE Paris arrived. Sigh, not sure they need her there. Wonder if she visited Hoover Dam? And maybe she'll get married at the Little Church of the West? Just a thought.

disco-legend-zeke said...

I was there, took a few pix.

she didn't get a key, it was a laminated proclamation. Bear in mind, goodman is mayor of las vegas city, whech does not include the strip.

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