Monday, August 28, 2006

Mystery*File Again

Great new column by Ed Gorman, and I'm happy to see that he likes Three Hearts and Three Lions and Double Star as much as I do. Check it out.

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Todd Mason said...

I'm glad Ed mentions Robert Bloch, whom I suspect tends to be overlooked or underrated because of the slickness of much of his work, when along with Leiber, I usually suggest, he's the most important heir to Lovecraft...they took what was best about HPL's work and refined it and furthered it--the refocus on existential terror, in large part. They were both much better constructors of prose than Lovecraft, as well. They and Shirley Jackson and Manly Wade Wellman, Cornell Woolrich and Theodore Sturgeon were probably the US's major contributions to furthering the art of horror fiction by mid-century, if one sees Bradbury's work in the mode as an extension of Sturgeon's ("It,""Shottle Bop,""A Way of Thinking," etc.)...though I'm sure I'm forgetting/overlooking someone important.