Saturday, August 05, 2006

Star Bikinis

In Style | Trends | Summer Trends 2006 | Star Bikinis: "Star Bikinis
Yes, celebrities look great in bathing suits, but why, exactly? It’s not just because of their perfect bodies. We asked swimsuit designer Malia Mills why these bikinis work for each individual star’s shape and style."

Paris Hilton: "The fabric and flirty cut are so Paris Hilton. She doesn’t shy away from bright colors or fun prints, and with the big glasses, it’s a great head-to-toe look."

John Duke, after agreeing with Jeff Meyerson about my unhealthy obsession with P.H. and suggesting professional help, sent this link. (Other stars [Lindsay Lohan! Jessica Simpson!] in bikinis can be found if you click it.)


Graham said...

I think that, at this point, you are OFFICIALLY a Dirty Old Man.

Bill said...

Well, I blame John Duke. But at least it's nice to know that it's official.

Carl V. said...

I HATE the big sunglasses, but other than that I have to admit that I find Paris' bod to be quite attractive!