Friday, August 04, 2006

Fireball over Texas - Local News - Fireball Over Texas 'Turned Night Into Day': "A fireball seen streaking through the sky in Lakeway, Texas, 'turned night to day,' according to a police officer who witnessed the event.

SLIDESHOW: Fireball Images

A police cruiser dashcam videotaped the streak at about 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Hundreds of residents who witnessed the bright light in the sky called police and media, KNBC-TV reported.

'A police officer who captured the video said the light turned night into day,' Local 6's Jacqueline London said.

Astronomers said the light was either a meteor fireball or space junk entering the atmosphere, according to the report."


Henry Melton said...

I was actually in the back yard at the time, looking for Delta Aquariad meteors, and was amazed to see it. From my location, south of Hutto, on the Williamson/Travis county line, it was very high in the sky, but south of me, and appeared like the bang-only fireworks at a professional display -- except there was no noise at all. Being a meteor fireball it was probably 70 miles or so up in the atmosphere.

Bill said...

Obviously quite a sight!