Saturday, July 22, 2006

Two More Stories

I read a couple more stories from Damn Near Dead last night. Reed Farrel Coleman's "Requiem for Moe" is subtitled "A Moe Prager and Jack Taylor Variation." It imagines the end of Moe's life and a visit from a certain Irish guy. Fans of Moe, Jack, Bruen, Taylor, and Coleman will get a kick out of this one. That includes everybody, right? Megan Abbott's "Policy" is a historical like her fine first novel, Die a Little. Like the novel, it's tough, tender, and terrific. The more I read in this anthology, the better I like it.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the quality of the writing in Damn Near Dead. I'm midway through and all have been good to great. Maybe it's reading about old people I find compelling. Wonder why?

Unknown said...

I've now read Dave White's and Sarah Weinman's stories, both of which are excellent. And it's the quality of the writing that makes the stories compelling, Patti. Couldn't be anything else.

Anonymous said...


You should be proud of your daughter... "Policy" is fantastic! As are all of the stories in DAMN NEAR DEAD. Especially Bill's! ;-)


Unknown said...

Thanks, David. The more stories I read, the better the book is. I hope you do very well with it.