Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ed Gorman's Tribute to Spillane and More at Mystery*File


July 17. MICKEY SPILLANE (1918-2006). One of the giants of mystery and detective fiction has left us. If you were reading private eye stories in the 1950s, as I was, you probably remember exactly when and where it was when you had your first dose of Mike Hammer and mystery fiction changed forever. (The eighth grade cloakroom of McKinley School. I was twelve, and the memory is as clear to me as though it were yesterday.) I’m not sure how long the first link I found will stay online, but here on M*F, the early works of Mickey Spillane were covered briefly in the checklist of Dutton’s line of Guilt Edged mysteries. The rest of the covers can be found here."


Anonymous said...

I remember putting a cover from another book over it. Or was that From the Terrace?

Unknown said...

Man, I LOVED From the Terrace. That was back in the days when I actually read long books.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed it when Spillane popped up on various TV shows, either as himself, or some other character, pun intended. Great loss to the mystery world.

Bill, you weren't smoking in that cloak room, were you? What a shame schools don't even HAVE cloak rooms today. Sigh. Can't hide anything.