Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse -- Lee Goldberg

I've never seen an episode of Monk, so why would I be reading a novel based on that particular TV series? Because it was written by Lee Goldberg, and I've enjoyed several of Lee's other novels, including those based on Diagnosis Murder.

I expected this book to be funny, well-plotted, and generally solid all-around entertainment, and I wasn't disappointed. As the cover of the book tells you (if you're unfamiliar with the TV series), Monk is obsessive, compulsive, and a detective. He has real problems, but luckily he also has Natalie Teeger, the narrator of the novel, who takes care of him. In fact, as the book opens, he's moving into Natalie's house while his is being fumigated.

A lot of the book's humor arises from Monk's attempts to adjust to living away from his own environment, and the whole plot is generated because Natalie's young daughter is upset by the death of a firehouse dog. Monk declares he'll find the killer, and the book is off to the races. I had a lot of fun reading this, and if you're in the mood for a couple of hours of pure entertainment, you probably would, too.


Lee Goldberg said...


Thanks, made my day. Especially today, when I am in one of those writer's funks when the work isn't going well and I'm convinced that I suck.

Unknown said...

I thought I was the only one who had those days.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed Monk on TV since it came out and bought this book as soon as it came out. I enjoyed it very much and I am now looking forward to the second in the series which I think comes out later this month or early July.


Anonymous said...

ii [heart] the book && the series . but on tv did Sharrona realy leave ?? they're still airing it here so ...

oh, and is there an other book ?? or is it the first on in the series ??

if so, when is the next one coming out ??

mandy xxxxx

Unknown said...

The next book is Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii. Don't know the pub date, but be on the lookout.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Bill i will ..!

i still didn't finish reading it .what's ur fav quote of this book ??

mine's when he didn't button the first two lol then he said How long have i been walking naked ??
LOL that was Hillarrious i was laughing so hard you'd think i'm crazy lol ..
&& then when he said i have allergies; there's a monkey on my back . lol

ya know i think in the book he's too O.C.D ya know ?

any ways; check out my msn space .