Monday, June 12, 2006

Good News?

I've just heard that the paperback rights to A Mammoth Murder have been sold and that I got a nice little bump in the advance from the pb publisher. I should be happy about that, right? And I am, I guess. The problem is that the paperback publisher is Worldwide, and Worldwide no longer distributes books to stores. You can only get them in boxes of Breeze. No, wait, that's those colorful towels. You can only get Worldwide paperbacks if you're a member of their subscription service. That doesn't seem like a great way to build an audience. (See post below.) At any rate, what you should do is buy a hardback copy right now. Either that or join Worldwide's subscription program. You can't go wrong!


Todd Mason said...

Well, I tried to bring Worldwide's website at the same time as I had the blog up and all my browser windows collapsed, which must mean something...Worldwide still a part of Harlequin, and if so is there a method of getting shunted over to Mira, the non-suicidal crime-fiction imprint?

Bill said...

I have a feeling that my track record will keep me forever out of the big imprints.

Juri said...

Hope you got some money out of this, though. And congrats, nevertheless! Bigger houses next time!