Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bob Dylan on XM

Bob Dylan Theme-Time Radio
Playlist 6/14/06
Theme: Fathers

Jimmie Rodgers, Daddy and Home
Shep and the Limelites, Daddy’s Home
Everly Brothers, That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine
Bobby “Blue” Bland, Dust Got in Daddy’s Eyes
Julie London, Daddy
John Hiatt, Your Dad Did
Charlie Sheen comments on his dad (what’s with Bob’s obsession with Charlie Sheen?)
Sons of the Pioneers, My Daddy (Great comment on Bob Nolan. Who knew that Dylan was a huge fan?)
The Winstons, Color Him Father
Leroy Carr, Papa’s on the Housetop
Jack Rhodes and His Lhonde Star, Mama Loves Papa (but Papa Loves Women)
The Temptations, Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Lowell Fulsom, Father Time
The Swan Silvertones, Father Alone
Elvis Costello talks about his father
Ross McManus (Elvis’s Dad), Patsy’s Girl
Hank Williams, My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
Ward Cleaver reads Beaver’s essay on his father


Dennis said...

Bill, I often wonder if Dylan is familiar with all of these songs or if some are just discovered by his researchers. Hard to believe that he could know them all but his rap makes me think otherwise. I don't know exactly what I was expecting but he is also much more funny than I thought he would be. I really enjoy his show every week.

Bill said...

It's impossible to capture the flavor of that rap. It's always fun to listen to. The way he talks about the songs makes me think he does know them, but even at that I was taken aback by the praise he heaped on Bob Nolan of the Sons of the Pioneers. Who'd have guessed Dylan was that big a fan?

Plot Baby Plot said...

On an unrelated note, Dylan has a new album in August -- "Modern Times." Supposedly, it is very very good.

Bill said...

Definitely something to look forward to.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Can't beat the Ward Cleaver moment. That was a great episode.

Rusty Gates said...

I don't know why anyone would doubt that Bob Dylan doesn't know his music - the man has always been an encyclopedia.

Bill said...

He's commented on others who are encylopedias as well, like Tiny Tim.