Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wanna Buy the Lone Ranger's Pistols? | Classic Western items going on the auction block near Waller: "John Reedy reaches into a stack of clutter and pulls out a faded framed photo of himself, grinning widely next to a good-looking older man about the same height.

'There's Roy,' Reedy said, pointing to Western star Roy Rogers, 'and there's me. I never stopped smiling with him.'

For 60-year-old Reedy, what started as Saturday afternoons at the movies with his brothers became a consuming passion for the classic Hollywood West, ultimately manifested in a massive collection of memorabilia and a closeness to genre stars including Rogers, Rex Allen and Clayton Moore.

It's strange, he said, being star-struck by men you call friends.

'I was always cowboy crazy,' Reedy said. 'I get misty-eyed when I think about it.'

Those friends and other stars of the genre may now be gone, but their memories — and belongings — remain. On Saturday, Reedy will open up his personal collection for an estate auction, giving the community a chance at everything from the Lone Ranger costume worn by Moore in a 1956 movie to more than 40 pieces by Edward H. Bohlin, 'the saddlemaker and silversmith for the Hollywood stars.'"


Scott Cupp said...

Yes, I want to buy the Lone Ranger's pistols. But time, money, and Sandi prevent that from hanppening. But I WANT to!

Bill said...

I'll speak to Sandi. Maybe I can persuade her.