Monday, April 24, 2006

Malcolm Braly from Stark House

When I posted the list of upcoming publications from Stark House the other day, I forgot to mention the current double dose of Malcolm Braly. These are two excellent novels, originally Gold Medal originals, and both are highly recommended. You can order the book here. And I should mention, if I haven't already (and even if I have) that these are beautiful, well-made books, trade paperbacks that you'll be happy to own and have as part of any collection.


Gormania said...

Anybody remotely interested in the tenure of Knox Burger at Gold Medal should read Shake Him Till He Rattles. I disagreed with Knox dumping a number of writers, including Steve Marlowe and Petter Rabe, but to his credit he did develop some of his own writers who were damned good. As I say in the introduction to the Stark House edition (where I'm now an associate editor by the way--we have a secret handshake and wear Stark House socks and underwear and clip-on neckties) Shake Him is one of the finest paperback originals ever published anywhere.

Bill said...

It's hard to get a better recommendation than that, Ed, and I think it's great that you're an associate editor at Stark House. You guys are doing fine work there.