Thursday, April 27, 2006

Burn -- Sean Doolittle

Andrew Kindler is escaping his past by hiding in plain sight in Southern California. Anybody who's ever read a mystery novel or seen an old western movie knows you can't escape the past, however, and Kindler's catches up with him in an unexpected way. He finds himself involved in a murder, too, one that everybody seems to think he knows something about. He doesn't, but that doesn't keep him from getting involved.

I liked this book for a couple of reasons. Doolittle can be funny without going over the top, and he fills the story with interesting characters. I like the writing style, straighforward and lean. The book went on for a little too long for my taste, and the tying up of the plot didn't really satisfy me, but I plan to read another of Doolittle's books Real Soon Now.

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Tribe said...

I liked this also, Bill, along with Dirt. I think Sean's gonna be a monster, if not already.