Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Some Beautiful Covers to See Here

Division: Pulp Fiction Magazines: "Before we had television, we read pulp fiction magazines.

Frank Munsey revolutionized magazine publishing in the late 1890's, when he made ARGOSY into something totally new: it published only fiction, and was printed on the cheapest paper available.

For sixty years, you escaped your miserable existence (in War or Depression) with vast tales of larger-than-life heroes, fantastic romances, and incredible adventures of people who might just be you some day (when you grew up).

By the early 1950's the Pulp Magazines were all but dead, victims of television and a change in public tastes. But they left an imprint on American (and World) culture that survives to this day.

Here are some for you to look at; and now you can imagine what it was like to read them."

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