Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mystery*File Update -- A Tribute to Robert Colby

A TRIBUTE TO ROBERT COLBY, by Peter Enfantino: "Robert Colby died last week. A lot of people won’t even recognize the name. That’s a shame, but it’s their loss. Colby was every bit as good a writer as the other Gold Medal authors of the 50s and 60s who’ve found favor among historians and collectors. He just never had one of those million sellers like the other guys did. There was no Death of a Citizen or Hill Girl. Just respectable sales for some of his “adult” titles like Lament for Julie (Monarch, 1961) and Executive Wife (Monarch, 1964). "


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, gentlemen, for letting us know.

I'm not sure I'm surprised at the utter lack of comment on the lists where I posted the link to Bill's initial mention of Peter's report of Colby's death; I can't say I'm positively impressed.

But glad he's remembered here and in the linked site. And glad to know I have a fair amount of Colby to look forward to, after so many years since first encountering his work.

Juri said...

CAPTAIN MUST DIE sounds very interesting. Is it more a war or crime novel?