Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Northcoast Shakedown -- Jim Winter

Here's a hardboiled p.i. novel I enjoyed. The first-person narrator is Nick Kepler, who's freelancing and doing some work for an insurance company called Terminal Tower Life & Annuity. Most of his work is probably like one of the cases he deals with here, taking photos of a supposedly disabled man who's clearly in better shape than he's letting on.

Kepler takes on some other cases, too, and one of them leads to murder. But which one? Or are several cases connected? It takes Kepler a while to put it all together because it's all very complicated, but he does the job. Along the way he gets shot at, insulted, beaten, and laid. Kepler has a sense of humor, which he needs, and he's tough, which is a good thing.

This is a traditional p.i. novel with a modern bent. Good stuff, and here's hoping Kepler will be around for a while.

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Jim Winter said...

Thanks, Bill. I'm looking into what I can do to keep Nick going after this contract.