Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wasn't This the Plot of Blogger's Short Story?

TheDenverChannel.com - Automotive - Van Bought From Sheriff's Auction Contains Pot Stash: "Van Bought From Sheriff's Auction Contains Pot Stash
350 Pounds Originally Found In Vehicle

EL PASO, Texas -- The used minivan came with an unexpected option -- about 100 pounds of pot.

A man recently bought the 1997 Plymouth Voyager from the El Paso County, Texas, Sheriff's Office.

A mechanic who checked under the minivan found the stash of weed.

Sheriff's officials say the buyer immediately returned the vehicle.

The minivan was seized by authorities when about 350 pounds of marijuana was found inside. Officials are trying to determine how deputies missed the rest of the weed."

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PollyME said...


Actually...there were 400 pounds of pot inside.


Hey, is anybody else hungry? I would KILL for an extra large sausage pizza, dude...