Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bathing Nolan Ryan

You may recall that Banjo Jones got me interested in the state of Alvin's Nolan Ryan statue and that I went by the City Hall to mention it needed cleaning. On Saturday, Judy and I were leaving town to go for a visit to her mother, and I drove by to see if anything had been done. To my surprise, there was a crew hosing down the statue as we drove by. So when we came home this afternoon, I took a picture. You can compare it with the Banjo Jones photo here and see that there is indeed an improvement, though the birds have already begun to pay their disrespects to the statue. The cleaning job wasn't perfect, but things do look a little better, and maybe now the city will be more aware of the need to keeping things cleaned up.


Anonymous said...


"Durn, these boys are faster'n ten preachers with a bus full a Baptists and a swimming pool ..."



Anonymous said...

Maybe cleaning the statue would be a good project for the Boy Scouts to adopt. Makes me wonder, though, who's going to clean the giant Stephen F. Austin they're putting on 288.