Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Return of Matt Helm? - Back on active duty: "DreamWorks' longtime plan to revive spy Matt HelmHelm has taken on new life, with the signing of Michael BrandtMichael Brandt and Derek HaasDerek Haas to write a new pic.

The scribe team, in a high-six-figure deal, will pen a contemporary pic based on the subject of 20-plus potboiler novels by Donald Hamilton."

Thanks to Vince Keenan for the heads up on this. If it's a "high-six-figure deal," maybe the movie will actually get done. Which would be great. Maybe the books would come back into print. Maybe, just maybe, we'd finally get to read that last unpublished Matt Helm novel that Hamilton's supposedly completed.


Frank Denton said...

What do they mean "potboilers?" They have no literary sense.

Bill said...

Amen, Frank.

Brent McKee said...

Dare we hope that they'll actually make movies of the novels rather than remaking the Dean Martin movies? Or is that the image of Helm that the public (and Hollywood) knows?