Monday, May 23, 2005

Want To Know What To Read? Will Do the Math: "Want To Know What To Read? Will Do the Math
May 20, 2005
By Rachel Deahl

The notion that taste is personal may have gone the way of eight tracks and Hammer pants. A number of new companies are pioneering a variation of the search engine, known as 'recommendation technology,' which would use hard data to essentially tell consumers what music, movies and clothing they will like . . . even if they don't know it yet themselves. While this software is already present in the book industry—anyone who's ever been startled by Amazon or B&N's seeming omniscience ('Geez, how'd they know I'd love Knitting to the Oldies?') can attest to this—some companies are now gearing up to bring it to readers in a more ambitious way"

You can check out Storycode here.

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