Thursday, May 26, 2005


The Sun Online - News: 'Mutant' children are best

THE Chernobyl nuclear disaster has spawned a generation of ‘mutant’ super-brainy children.

Kids growing up in areas damaged by radiation from the plant have a higher IQ and faster reaction times, say Russian doctors.

Maybe those hundreds of SF stories I read back in the '50s weren't so far off the mark, after all.


Cap'n Bob said...

But are they 50 feet tall and have x-ray vision?

Confidential said...

And their source is some quack Russian doctor--if he really exists. Let me tell you about Russian "dotors' and various professional types. There is NOTHING they will not do or say to get themselves extricated from the bottomless, hopeless pit that is Russia today. This guy is merely positioning himself in the prayerful hope that some moron in the UK will fly him out and put him up in a hotel in London for a week--whatever the "professional" consequences might be.
That vile rag of a paper should be ashamed to have even printed such trash. Perhaps an article will be forthcoming highlighting the enormous benefits to Sudanese orphans of having their parents murdered before their eyes? I am certain they can find some Russian doctor to back it up.