Sunday, May 22, 2005

Howard Morris, R.I.P.

news from me: "Howie died yesterday at the age of 85. It was not a surprise -- he'd been in poor health for some time -- but it still hit me like a stone lobbed through the window of the Mayberry Sheriff's Station by Ernest T."

I remember Morris best as Earnest T. Bass on The Andy Griffith Show, and I still think that those episodes are classics, but I saw him earlier on comedy shows like Your Show of Shows. He was a very funny guy. The link above will give you a couple of links to watch if you have the time. Check 'em out.


Anonymous said...

"How do you do, Mrs. Wylie?"

"I passed it. I didn't HEAVE it!"

RIP, Ernest T.

Anonymous said...

NO coffee tea or punch thank you..
hee hee..
We loved ya! God Bless Howard for all the fun and happy memories..