Sunday, April 17, 2005

Spammer Names

Who makes up the names that come on spam e-mails? I particularly like the ones with a first name, a last name, and a middle initial. I've been saving them for a week or so, and here are a few examples:
Creeper O. Moralizing
Crimean R. Perigee
Customer V. Pragmatism
Dakota H. Scaled
Decadence T. Dispassionate
Defamatory L. Instinctively
Deletes C. Effect
Dependents G. Fidgets
Devonian S. Edna
Diagonals S. Emasculation
Dill P. Germinal
Dirtying G. Kamchatka
Discolors U. Philology
Disrobes S. Fixity
Drywall A. Bombshell
Education U. Pentecost
Election C. Outgrowth
Elocution V. Firmest
Emacs Q. Sapping
Emulations V. Earring
Encyclopedic L. Rills
Ended S. Apotheoses

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