Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Brave, Courageous, and Bold

I had a look at the celebrity birthdays in the paper this morning, as I always do, and I saw that Hugh O'Brian is 80 years old today. I hope he can still lift that Buntline Special.

And Elinor Donahue is 68. She was, of course, Betty Anderson on Father Knows Best, not to mention Ellie Walker, one of Sheriff Andy Taylor's girlfriends (pre-the Miss Crump days). I didn't know that she was in The Princess Diaries 2 last year, not having seen that one for some reason.


Hardluck Writer said...

She was also Miriam, Felix's perky girlfriend from the Odd Couple. Also Chris Elliot's mom on one of my all-time favorite sitcoms - "Get a Life".

-Dave Z.

Sling Words said...

Elinor Donahue is 68! I still remember a FKB episode where she kept coming in 2nd to the boy genius at school until she modeled a wedding gown. In a sickeningly sweet voice, she said: I finally found something I could be first at--being a bride! What a summation of female expectations in the fifties! Geez! I feel old--going to limp over to the medical supply store and put a wheelchair on layaway!