Saturday, February 12, 2005

Houston Radio Sucks | Radio Daze | 2005-02-10

I've said it many times: Houston radio sucks. But this guy from the Houston Press decided to see if that's really true. For 24 hours he listened to Houston stations, and he reports on his experience in the linked article. His conclusion? Houston radio, most of it, sucks. But one station that doesn't suck is KACC, the radio station at Alvin Community College:

"KACC/89.7 FM, the Gulf Coast Rocker A hidden gem for lovers of pure, unadulterated rock, Alvin Community College's station follows the Doobies' overfamiliar 'China Grove' with the Wallflowers' 'Three Marlenas.' Nice variety, kids. This is one of those stations that choice-loving preacher could have been talking about. It's good rock radio, full of surprises but not as liable as KTRU to slip into intentionally hideous caterwauling."

And in the summary: "Alvin Community College's Gulf Coast Rocker is a better mix of classic and new rock than KLOL ever was."

So take that, Houston radio.

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Cap'n Bob said...

A local technical school had a great radio station for years. The entire library was old rock even though their DJs were marble-mouthed kids (listening to them trying to read the news was heartbreaking). About a year ago they switched to contemporary crap so I quit listening.