Friday, February 11, 2005


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I know about as much about technology as a hog knows about church. But I couldn't resist giving this audioblogging a try after listening to Bob Tinsley's trials over at The Short of It. So here's my review of Dodgeball. Well, OK, sort of a review.


Vince said...

Sounded fine to me, Bill. I'm planning to start a letter-writing campaign to get Denise Richards a retroactive Oscar. I expect you to pitch in.

Unknown said...

I'm in. Just tell me where to send the dough.

Gerald So said...

Great job on the review, Bill.

Anonymous said...

How clever of you, in your first audioblog, to include a phonetic digression that wouldn't work in print. However, it will take much more than knowledge of the correct Texas pronunciation of "Spacek" to make me watch a Ben Stiller (or Adam Sandler, or Jim Carrey) movie.
-- Art