Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Jack Kirkwood

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear (http://blogs.salon.com/0003139/) has some comments today about Jack Kirkwood, and the catch phrase associated with a character he played on the Bob Hope radio show. I hadn't thought of it, much less heard it, in years, but when I was a kid, you could hardly have a conversation without hearing it repeated: "Put something in the pot, boy." I can still hear exactly the way it sounded. The phrase was also part of a popular song, so maybe that's what I'm recalling. Anyway, it's a great memory, and it was glad to be reminded of it.

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Anonymous said...

This isn't a comment about what you said, but a question I need to ask,please? I was told recently that artist Frank Frazetta's photo was used on several of the "Coxeman" paperbacks? Can anyone tell me, "WHICH ONES"? Thanks!