Tuesday, August 10, 2004

canadaeast.com - CP Entertainment News

canadaeast.com - CP Entertainment News: "LOS ANGELES (AP) - The DVD era is resurrecting the great colourization debate of the 1980s, and at the heart of the matter are Curly, Larry and Moe.

Sony's Columbia TriStar home-video unit is releasing two Three Stooges DVDs that allow viewers to watch the original black-and-white or digitally colourized versions. Purists consider it desecration, while Sony executives say the process can help introduce Hollywood classics to young audiences reluctant to watch anything in black and white. The Stooges discs coming out Tuesday also give die-hard fans better black-and-white versions, the studio insists."

Is NOTHING sacred?

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Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

Ugh. Colorized movies look hideous, and I can't believe anyone would prefer them over the B&W originals. That said, at least Columbia is including the B&W originals on the disc--were this 10 years ago, and Ted Turner in charge, there wouldn't be a chance of *ever* seeing the original footage...