Friday, August 27, 2004

Ed's Place

Ed's Place: "John K. Butler

One of the many great pulp collections published by Adventure House is the John K Butler stories from Dime Detective featuring cabbie Steve Midnight. This is my third time through the book that comes complete with ads from the time and promises of great lurid stories in the very next issue."

As I've said before, one of the advantages of having a lot of books is that when you read about something interesting, you can often just go to your shelves and pull down the book. Which is what I did when I read Ed Gorman's post about John K. Butler a few days ago. I've read the first two stories in the book, and while I'm not quite as enthusiastic about them as Ed is, I certainly plan to read more of them over the weekend.

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Frank Denton said...

I think I read one these stories in an anthology one time. I enjoyed it greatly. Maybe that's how they need to be read, one at a time, with some space in between. I think I'll look this up and buy that issue.