Thursday, August 26, 2004 - The Official Site of the Dallas Cowboys - The Official Site of the Dallas Cowboys: "Cowboys, Comcast to Launch Dallas Cowboys Channel
No longer will Cowboys fans have to wait for highlights of their favorite team on the evening news. The Dallas Cowboys and Comcast Cable announced Thursday an all-new digital channel - Dallas Cowboys Channel - featuring an all-access look at America's Team. The 24/7 channel, which launches Sept. 8, will have a daily news update, Bill Parcells' daily press conference live, rebroadcast of preseason games, cheerleader specials, highlights of memorable Cowboys moments and fan interactive shows. "

All Cowboys, all the time. Another idea whose time has come! Anybody want to bet that the cheerleader specials will be the highest-rated shows?


Cap'n Bob said...

As one who hates the Cowboys, I can safely say that I wouldn't watch this show even if they carry it here. Well, maybe if they have a camera in the cheerleaders' dressing room.

Anonymous said...

hey captain napier if you hate the Cowboys so much what are you doing on this site Duh!