Saturday, December 08, 2012

Reinhold Weege, R. I. P. Reinhold Weege, who created the popular Emmy-winning sitcom "Night Court" about an often-anarchic, after-hours New York courtroom and its cast of memorably loony characters, has died. He was 62.


  1. Night Court was a favorite of mine.

  2. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I must admit I always got a big kick out of Night Court. I loved when it came out that Dan Fielding's real name was "Reinhold" too.

    But my favorite line ever came from Bull: "What's with the virgin in the window?"

    You had to be there.


  3. Richard Moll - Excellent comic actor and voice. As with all such good actors, he makes it look easy!

  4. Enjoyed that show quite a bit.

  5. I was disappointed with NIGHT COURT, seeing as how it was the work of a number of BARNEY MILLER veterans and I was hoping for that level of achievement, but 62 is certainly too damned young.