Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Looking Back on a Half-Century Love Affair with EQMM

“Looking Back on a Half-Century Love Affair with EQMM” (by Josh Pachter) | SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN


  1. Jeez...not so much an unwelcome as odd-feeling reminder that I first saw the magazine probably 47 or 48 years ago (my mother had a subscription for a year or so when I was an infant) and I first picked one up to read at a public library probably 36 or 37 years ago...though I didn't buy a new one off the stands till a Nere 34 years ago...and it's probably too depressing to contemplate how few public libraries still carry EQMM, much less, say, F&SF or THE STRAND or ZOETROPE ALL-STORY...

  2. Thanks for the pointer...I commented there, as well...

    And before Clayton Rawson, Robert Mills and, briefly, Paul Fairman were managing editors at EQMM (Fairman after his, shall we put it, rather disinterested term at Ziff-Davis, as editor of FANTASTIC, AMAZING and shortlived DREAM WORLD). I don’t have the issues at hand to check who served as Dannay’s assistant before Mills…but suspect plenty of readers here might (I will when I get back home Very late tonight).

    (And, a shout out from someone who was at NVCC-Annandale in 1985.)

  3. A Mere, even. Nere bere is my beverage of choice in that sort of thing, but you couldn't tell it from my spellynge.