Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Overlooked Movies -- The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant

You're sensing a theme here, right? This one's even worse than last week's. And not in a good way. Even though it has Bruce Dern and Kasey Casem (who was in several of these schlock thrillers).

Dern's a scientist with a typical home lab who transplants the head of a crazed killer onto the body of a man with the mind of a child. You're thinking that can't be good, and you're right. Whereas The Thing with Two Heads is supposed to be funny (or maybe not; but it is), this one's deadly serious. Deadly to watch, too, though I know those who say it's not all that bad. Don't believe them. Still, you might want to watch it just to compare it with The Thing with Two Heads after you watch that one. Perhaps you can write a small monograph.


  1. You guys beat me in obscurity every week.

  2. Again, you need to catch the ancestor of both, THE MANSTER, which is (yes) even worse. Perhaps twelve or so two-headed films along, there might be a good one. The film version of the Douglas Adams stories might not be the fourth so much as sixth, but might as well be either. A film of Michael Bishop's "Collaborating" might make it.

  3. Is this the same Kasey Casem who was a radio DJ in L.A. (on KFWB) and other stations? Really?