Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Forgotten Films: The Good Humor Man

Back in 2009 I did a "Forgotten Movies" post about The Good Humor Man. That wasn't the first time I'd written about it. I first posted about it back in 2005. To save me the trouble of writing a new post, I'll just repeat part of that one:

"When I was a kid, this was one of my favorite movies. . . . Back in 1950 I saw it three times in two days (I sat through two showings back to back and returned to the theater the next day to see it again). When I saw a video of it several years ago, I nabbed it, and I've watched it several times since. It has everything a kid could want: slapstick comedy, a murder mystery, a secret club, Lola Albright, and Captain Marvel. How could I not love it? (George Reeves is in the movie, but he doesn't play Superman. Or Captain Marvel.) Others might find it a quickie, knocked out on the cheap, with a bad script (it's by Roy Huggins and Frank Tashlin) and unfunny humor. Not me. I think I'll watch it again soon."


  1. Now this is an obscure choice. I remember Carson well. He must have been on some TV show.

  2. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Jack Carson is one of my favorite actors. Remember his “Twilight Zone” episode?


  3. Lots of tv and radio shows, as JTD suggests indirectly, Patti, and not a few films. And Carson did the victimized fiance role in the LUX RADIO THEATER version of HIS GIRL FRIDAY I listened to and wrote about the other week, among many other radio roles. Eugene Levy did a fine Jack Carson for SCTV.

  4. Jack Carson is one of the many once-famouse names that have just evaporated (sic transit gloria, etc.). I was talking to someone my own age the other day and I mentioned Red Skelton and they looked at me as if I were speaking Esperanto.

    I saw him recently on TCM in a movie (he may have also directed it) that also starred Ronald Reagan. I'm afraid that even for Jack, I couldn't stick it out to the end.

  5. How could Roy Huggins and Frank Tashlin write a bad, unfunny script? This one needs seeing.

  6. Richard Heft3:14 PM

    I'm guessing you saw MILDRED PIERCE at some point or other. Jack Carson has a large part in that.

  7. Jack Carson was the hero's friend in dozens, nay scores, of movies. I've always liked him.

  8. I've also got this on tape, and watched it again a couple of months ago. A good way to get hold of your inner child.


  9. One I haven't seen. Thanx for the info. Hope I can find it. Apparently not on DVD and on low quality but high priced VHS.

    Carson was ubiquitous in movies & TV in his day. I always enjoyed his performances and thought he was under-rated and under-appreciated as an actor.