Sunday, September 27, 2009

100 Worst Movies of the 21st Century

Worst of the Worst 2009 - Whiteout - Rotten Tomatoes

Will the persecution never end?


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I refuse to believe there were 72 movies worse than GIGLI.

    In the 80's I would - undoubtedly - have seen a lot of these. Now I no longer have the need. GIGLI is the only one I've seen more than a few minutes of, I'm happy to say.

    I do intend to give Paris's opus a try one of these days, however.



  2. Out of the 100, I've seen one. I'm embarrassed to say it's not Paris's opus.

  3. Scott Cupp10:41 AM

    Oh, I am ashamed. I have seen 2 - A SOUND OF THUNDER which I thought was OK (specious logic aside) and BATTLEFIELD EARTH which I went into knowing it was one fo the worst ever and it confirmed that feeling

  4. Just saw Whiteout. No desire to ever see it again. Want to watch a movie based on a graphic novel, Watchman, Road To Perdition, and V For Vendetta.

    Watched Dragonfly on cable. Again no desire to see it again. Watched the first third of The Fog (2005) on cable and turned it off. Christmas with the Kranks is the only Grisham novel I've ever read. It was annoying as hell so I skipped the movie. I saw BloodRayne on the sci fi channel even one of my favorite actor's Michael Madsen doesn't make it worth watching. I was bored when I watched Battlefield Earth on cable, after I was nauseated.

    I like Stephen Seagal's Under Siege movies but all the direct to video crap he's been doing looks the same - gritty digital and the same plot with the same poor acting. I saw The Master of Disguise on TV and the only thing funny about it was the Turtle Boy disguise.

    The Spirit really belongs on this list.

  5. Anders E2:52 PM

    Believe it or not, but I've seen no less than five of them - all the way through, even. On TV, I hasten to add.

    AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS THE NAKED MILE should have been on the list, btw.

  6. Uwe Boll directed a truly surprising number of these.

  7. Jerry House6:47 PM

    I have seen far more than I want to admit to.

    As far as I can tell, Paris got only one nomination; so sad in so many ways.

    The main lesson of this list could be to avoid Stephen Dorff movies.

    wv: vinety -- the number of flicks on this list you really have to be hammered to see.

  8. Battlefield Earth only #27? It could have ranked 1 through 3.

  9. Karin M8:52 AM

    Happy to say I haven't seen any of these. A goodly number of remakes on this list. Makes you wonder, what's the point?