Wednesday, October 01, 2008

No TV or Internet Cable -- Day 19

I'm not in Kroger today.  Instead, I'm at Panera Bread, while Judy's giving the economy a kick-start by visiting Coldwater Creek and Chico's.  We've had no word from Comcast about resumption of service, though, as I said yesterday, we've received their bill covering days without service and asking for us to pay for future days without service.  You gotta love that idea.


  1. Maybe U-verse is the answer to my woes. I should give 'em a call. How much trouble is the changeover?

  2. Bill, I had my Comcast installed on a Wednesday, the following Monday my first bill arrived. They are nothing if not efficient when it comes to billing.

    Good luck with your internet and cable woes, I've been thinking about you and Judy.

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Uverse is good...assuming you have the proper cable hookup. I see where AT&T needs money in these hard times, according to Stevenson, the new pres who's pulling out of SA for Dallas. No kidding the service is good, if they can make the tieup...and I bet they wouldn't be 20 days in hooking you up again.
    Jay Rogers in San Antonio

  4. Gerard12:50 PM

    I'll bet the coffee is better at Panera than Kroger. Unless it is an upscale Kroger with a fancy schmancy coffee counter.

  5. It's one of those with a Starbuck's.

  6. Gerard2:14 PM

    That's a drawback for living in rural-ish Wisconsin - no fancy, mongo-sized, grocery stores close-by.