Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nick Reynolds, R. I. P.

A sad day.  For me, Nick was the heart of the Kingston Trio.  Truly one of the greats.


  1. My dad's not a big music lover (in the sense that I am; buying all CDs of a certain group, attending concerts, etc.) but the Kingston Trio was one group that he loved. I passed along the sad news. Thanks for the tip. I suspect my dad'll break out the CDs today.

  2. I hadn't heard the sad news either. Literally, having been in elementary school when they had their first hits, I've listened to the Trio for as long as I can remember. In the past few years, it was nice to see that they had a web site, that the old stuff back through the original Nick/Bob/Dave lineup is available on CD, and that they still have a loyal following.

  3. Boy, do they ever have a loyal following. The Fantasy Camp they do has become a monster gathering, but the loss of John and Nick is going to hurt.