Saturday, October 04, 2008

10 Unusual Recipes

Click here.  As for me, I'll just have a burger and fries, thanks.


  1. Thanks, now my appetite is shot for about three days.

  2. The original Japanese version of Iron Chef usually had some truly unusual "productions." One of the most legendary was an ice cream made with the "soft roe" of a Codfish. Look up "soft roe" and you'll know why people in the Iron Chef newsgroup referred to it as "Cod Spooge Ice Cream."

  3. Anders E2:32 PM

    Heart is actually only muscle, just like your ordinary steak and pork chops. I have had cured reindeer heart and it is really delicious.

    And here is another speciality from back home:

  4. I think chef Ljubomir Erovic may have tham all beat with his new book "The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls."

    He has recipes for testicle pizza, battered testicles, and barbecued testicles. If you're brave enough, you can see samples of the recipes here.