Tuesday, September 09, 2008

These Guys are Almost as Good as Sheriff Rhodes

WEMB.com - AM 1420 WEMB: "UC Sheriff Kent Harris and Deputy Frank Rogers have charged a South Carolina man for transporting 29 cases of 'moonshine' into Unicoi County. Shown on wemb.com in the back of the pickup truck stopped at mile-marker 55, Sheriff Harris displays the `shine which he says was flavored with peach, grape, strawberry and blackberry."


  1. But can he hook up to the Internet with the blackberry?

  2. Scott Cupp11:24 AM

    A couple of sips and it will seem that he is.

  3. Darren2:50 PM

    That's not all. According to the Knoxville News Sentinel website (ww.knoxnews.com) "Guffey told authorities he parked his truck with nearly $3,000 inside it in Flag Pond (a small town in Unicoi County), took a walk and came back to find it full of moonshine.

    He said he has been buying whiskey like that in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina for a decade.

  4. At first I was perplexed because the article you quoted said the officers were charging the man with bringing the 'shine *into* Unicoi County, presumably from South Carolina. I was wondering why in the world anyone would do that, when everyone knows that Tennessee 'shine is the best there is. But reading the News-Sentinel article I see that the gentleman was in fact buying the stuff in TN to take back with him to SC. 312 quarts, he was gonna have him a heck of a party.