Saturday, July 26, 2008

Go, Johnny, Go


  1. Also in GO JOHNNY GO (didn't see them credited in the clip) were Richie Valens and the Flamingos. The movie plays occasionally on TCM. In a couple of James Lee Burke's novels, Dave Robicheux mentions Jimmy Clanton's music from his (Dave's) youth. I'm surprised no one has cast Kevin Spacey in an Alan Freed biopic.

  2. There's a resemblance.

    Jimmy Clanton lives in Houston now. I heard an interview with him a year or so ago. Ike Clanton, maybe his brother, also had some regional hits around the same time Jimmy was selling millions.

  3. I've seen them. The first, with it's "I'm going to find some kid, make him a star, and call him Johnny Melody" plot always made me cringe. At least he didn't want to name him Sanjaya.