Monday, June 04, 2007

The News You've All Been Waiting For

Paris goes to jail!

Thanks to John Duke for the link.


  1. Gerard10:00 AM

    The amount of ink and bytes used on this story is amazing. If I were going to jail for 21 days I'm sure I'd be as freaked out as Hilton. But, If I knew I was getting a private cell my only worry would be boredom and reading material.

  2. It's amazing, all right. If I was going to jail, I'd be in one of those serious high-security joints with a giant cellmate named Bubba.

  3. I've never quite gotten over the mind's-eye image inspired by reports of Marion Barry's imprisonment, wherein at least one woman with a DC city job of some sort took on the extra? duty of (literally) under-the-table sexual service to the former mayor in the visitor's room on a regular basis. Gave a surely un-unique spin to the notion of a civil service position, but nonetheless...unlike Ms. Lewinsky, I guess, she had a pension plan.

  4. I missed those reports. I wonder if we'll get similar ones about P.H.