Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Spider, Master of Men!

Thanks to Ted Hertel for the tip.

Moonstone Books - The Spider: "The Spider is the most extreme vigilante crime fighter of all time. His stories are some of the most vivid,lurid, violent,
and just all out relentless action ever put to paper! Moonstone gives THE SPIDER the illustrated prose anthology treatment!

There will be NEW stories by: John Jakes (yes, the guy who wrote “The Kent Family Chronicles” as well as “North and South”!), and (in alphabetical order): Mort Castle, Bill Crider, Shannon Denton, Chuck Dixon, Steve Englehart, Ron Fortier, Joe Gentile, Rich Harvey,John Helfers, CJ Henderson, Howard Hopkins, James Anthony Kuhoric, Elizabeth Massie, Christopher Mills, Will Murray, Rafael Nieves, Ann Nocenti, Martin Powell, Richard Valley, & Robert Weinberg.

With interior art by: Thomas Floyd



  1. Dave Lewis8:54 PM

    THE BEST OF THE PULP HEROES. Best, at least, of the heroes who had their own pulps. This book appears fated to pry the bucks even from such parsimonious fingers as my own. As demonstrated by Norvell Page, you have to be slightly nuts to write a great Spider story. Should give you a leg up on those other guys, Bill!

  2. Well, at least I can say this much: My story is about people who are slightly nuts. Or more than slightly.

  3. Shannon Denton? Not Frank's offspring, is she?

  4. I can't answer that one, and Frank's on the road somewhere.

  5. Glen Davis2:45 PM

    I can't wait for this to come out.

  6. I'm interested in how they got John Jakes to do a story.

  7. Todd Mason12:29 PM

    Well, for his sake, I hope Jakes is still recumbent upon enough green to do what he wants when he wants...

  8. That could be it. He and are a lot alike in that regard, I guess.