Friday, November 03, 2017

FFB: Kiss Me, Satan -- Victor Gischler (writer), Juan Ferreyra (artist)

Kiss Me, Satan is a graphic novel by Victor Gischler, who's never afraid to go way over the top, but only in a good way.  I read the five issues as collected into one volume, which includes a bonus sketchbook and notes by the artist, Juan Ferreyra.  

As you can see by the cover of the first episode (on the left), New Orleans is a werewolf town.  Sure, there are plenty of other supernatural creatures around, but the werewolves run the place.  Cassian Steele is the Don of the werewolf mafia that runs all the rackets, but he has a big problem.  His son and heir has just been born without the mark of the werewolf.  An old witch knows his secret, and she's on the run with her three "daughters."  Steele wants them killed, so he puts a bounty on them that attracts all the bad creatures in town.

A well-dressed cherub explains the problem to Barnabus Black, the one demon cast out from heaven who wants to get back.  When there's a problem like Steele, Black is the go-to guy.  Or demon.  He has to protect the witches, or at least one of them.  The result is a series of encounters and chases that would make a great movie and that are rendered expertly by Ferreyra.  That art is great throughout, by the way, a perfect match for Gischler's wild story.  Vampires in French maid outfits?  Nuns with machine guns? Eyeball removal with a kitchen knife?  Seemingly unbeatable wizards?  You got 'em, along with one incredible transformation scene for a climax.

Reading this was a lot of fun, and I looked around for a continuation but didn't find one.  Too bad.  This would have made a great continuing series for the long haul


Gerard Saylor said...

I read it. I enjoyed it. I bought it for the library.

Jerry House said...

I've emnyed everything I've read by Gischler. I'll be on the lookout for this one. Thanks, Bill.

Victor Gischler said...

Thank you for the kind words, sir!