Monday, July 17, 2017

Exquisite Entomology

Exquisite Entomology: Entomology is the study of insects: their life cycles, habits, characteristics, habitats, classification and more. Few topics inspire as much of a diverse emotional response as insects do. Depending on the person, you might see reactions of disgust, pity, curiosity, fear or awe. Though small, insects possess remarkable abilities and make up over two thirds of all known living organisms on Earth.


Tom Johnson said...

I love entomology.

Mimi Wolske said...

I can remember having to collect insects for biology class, and the next thing was butterflies, and my parents having to purchase insect display cases and supplies like insect net, killing jar, little bug forceps, something called a relaxing jar -- lol, not really what the name implied, and special insect pins.
I still do not like bugs...errr, insects. Here in AZ, we have sewer roaches so big that you can saddle and ride them. One chased my sister for about 2 blocks; she was running and screaming and those things just go toward the noise. I have to admit our friends and I had sore cheeks from laughing so hard. I never caught a sewer roach for my "insect collection".

Tom Johnson said...

I was studying to become an entomologist but the Army intervened (LOL), and I went into law enforcement instead. I still love insects, reptiles and arachnids (spiders and scorpions, etc.). I used to drive my sisters crazy. They hated bugs (G).

Janis Gore said...

I broke my foot chasing a cockroach for my insect collection in biology. Wound up galumphing in a cast across the stage during the honors ceremony at the high school that year.

My medal was in French, thank you.