Friday, June 16, 2017

Seems More Like 20 Weeks to Me

This Is What Summer Looked Like 20 Years Ago


Deb said...

If you were a teenager 20 years ago, I imagine this is what your summer was like. For this of us who had long bid farewell to our teen years, our memories may be slightly different--and might not include Hansen or the Backstreet Boys.

Don Coffin said...

Although, strictly speaking, the issue of People with T. Cruise on the cover (#7) is actually from the spring of 1997 (cover date May 12).

As for my summer, I spent the first half of it doing associate dean stuff and the second half teaching (one section of intro econ, one of collective bargaining...I still have the course files--digitally).

Unknown said...

I did my Division Chair duties that summer and taught the lowest level writing course the first six weeks. I have a feeling that course has been eliminated now or moved into another department.