Thursday, June 01, 2017

Rancho Diablo Is Back!

The Matamoros Bull (Rancho Diablo: Storm Season Book 1) by [Jackson, Colby]
The Rancho Diablo is alive and well, and Mel Odom is bringing us several new adventures in the series, starting with this one.  Get yours now!

The Matamoros Bull (Rancho Diablo: Storm Season Book 1) - Kindle edition by Colby Jackson. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @  DOWN IN OLD MEXICO

Almost fifteen years old, Elijah Blaylock believes he’s ready for his first big adventure. He’s read the novels of Sir Walter Scott and histories of the wars and men that have shaped the West. So when his father, Sam, invites him to ride along to buy a bull, he readily agrees.

But nothing prepared him for the dangers he faces in Old Mexico.

His father and the rest of the Flying D outfit travel to Rancho Las Pájaro de la Canción (Ranch of the Bird Who Sings) to buy a bull from Don Lozano.

The Corriente bulls are legendary in the bullfighting ring, but Sam Blaylock wants one to improve his own cattle’s hardiness and quality.

In short order, Elijah earns the enmity of the son of a wanted Mexican outlaw, catches the eye of a young charro woman who despises him, and faces a lethal bull, El Trueno.

Things are bad in Old Mexico, but they’re nothing compared to the trouble that follows him back to Texas.

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