Friday, June 30, 2017

FFB: Uncle Dynamite -- P. G. Wodehouse

Uncle Dynamite is Frederick Altamont Cornwalis Twistleton, fifth Earl of Ickenham, and when he's on the loose, nobody is safe from his shenanigans, least of all his nephew, Reginald (aka Pongo) Twistleton). 

Describing the plot of a Wodehouse novel is an exercise in futility, but I'll at least lay out a few of the bare bones.  Pongo is at Ashenden Manor, the home of his fiancée, Hermione Bostok, daughter of Sir Alymer Bostock, who's not fond of Pongo.  Pongo accidentally breaks a bust in Sir Alymer's collection of African memorabilia and replaces it with another sculpted by his former fiancée, Sally Painter.  Enclosed in the sculpture are jewels one of Sally's friends was planning to smuggle into the U.S.

Uncle Fred, on the loose because his wife is in Trinidad for a wedding, meets Bill Oakshot on the train.  Bill is in love with Hemione, but is terribly shy and any romance seems hopeless.  Uncle Fred manages to wangle an invitation to Ashenden Manor, posing as the famous explorer Major Brabazon-Plank.  There's also a policeman who has arrested Pongo and Uncle Fred (under different names) and believes them to be a part of a ring of thieves.

There's much more, as usual in a Wodehouse novel, but that gives you and idea.  To say that complications ensue would be an understatement, as is also usual.  It's all very funny and wonderfully written, again as usual.  Great stuff.


Dan said...

Uncle Fred is one of the great characters of Literature.

Jerry House said...

Wodehouse was a genius.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I love Uncle Fred and Wodehouse in general. I need to read this one.